About Kat

Hi, I’m Kat Garrand, but my friends call me “The Chairopist”. I have been working with fabrics since I was 6 years old living in Moscow, Russia. With a hand crank sewing machine I was able to create my first princess outfits and palace interiors. Hobby turned into the passion and a decade later I was making my own coats and dresses and had a steady customer base of people that didn’t want to blend in with the crowd. However, my dream of becoming a fashion designer didn’t come true. It wasn’t practical and my mom wasn’t going to pay for such education. I received my master’s degree in Early Childhood Psychology, Linguistics and later on in Financial management. And I was still looking back and thinking what if…

I love fashion. I love art. I adore old world charm. I’m not afraid to mix them all up. With a twist

Everything changed when I met and married my husband Chris. He was working in Moscow but was originally from the states. We moved around a lot and eventually relocated to the US where we continued to move around. My education wasn’t very usable here, I had a hard time making and keeping friends due to our constant moving around. I even lost track of my friends in Russia. Sewing was the one constant in my life; something that held my world together.

Coming from a smaller home in Europe, I had no idea what to do with a huge house in Florida. I could not find that European look in furniture stores here in states. But I found an upholstery school and that’s how it all began. For two years I was learning the trade.  I loved everything about it. Orders kept coming in and very soon I opened Kat’s Upholstery.

As my skills improved – the projects got bigger. I still dreamed of creating my own something; something that reflected my art, my passion, and my creativity.

Tim Burton has always been a huge inspiration for me. I love his dark, Gothic and eccentric films. Besides the typical re-upholstery job, I started making a few “odd” chairs and displaying them in local home decor shops. When a piece was sold, customers would ask the store owner – “Hey! Where did that

Crazy Chair go?!” People were falling in love with my work and I continued to fall in love with the idea of having my own furniture line – and that is how “The Crazy Chair” was born.

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