Who Is The Chairapist?

Hello everyone, my name is Kat Garrand, I am a designer and a chair stylist at The Crazy Chair. I am the Chairapist.

I find old, sad-looking pieces and bring them back to life. It all starts with a teardown. It’s my least favorite part, but that’s how we create a clean canvas for beautiful art. Since I am a one-woman show, I do everything myself. My heart, my imagination, and lots of hard work go into each piece of furniture I design. What’s next? The fun stuff. I create The Look! Each of my Chairs has a unique personality. I mix patterns and textures, introduce original details, and make sure they complement each other. Each chair tells a story, each chair has a name. I never repeat the design, it means you get a unique piece.

I spent most of my life in Europe. I love the old-world charm, intricate artwork, and vibrant colors. You can see it in my designs. The Crazy Chair is a thrilling work of art. Bright, bold, and daring.

I love fashion. I love art. I adore old world charm. I’m not afraid to mix them all up. 

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